Director   Prof. Sourav Pal
email: director [AT]
Registrar   Mr. Joydeep Sil
email: registrar [AT]
Officiating Registrar   Prof. Balaram Mukhopadhyay
email: officiating.registrar [AT]
Dean of Academic   Prof. Soumitro Banerjee
email: doaa [AT]
Dean of Faculty   Prof. Narayan Banerjee
email: dofa [AT]
Dean of Research and Development   Prof. Prasanta Sanyal
email: dord [AT]
Dean of Students   Dr. Arindam Kundagrami
email: dosa [AT]
Dean of International Relations and Outreach   Prof. Prasanta K. Panigrahi
email: doiro [AT]
Chief Vigilance Officer   Dr.  Raja Shunmugam
email: sraja [AT]
Head of Department, Biological Sciences   Dr. Mohit Prasad
email: dbs.chair [AT]
Head of Department, Chemical Sciences   Prof. Swadhin Mandal
email: dcs.chair [AT]
Head of Department, Earth Sciences   Dr. Tarun Kumar Dalai
email: des.chair [AT]
Head of Department, Mathematics and Statistics   Dr. Anirban Banerjee
email: dms.chair [AT]
Head of Department, Physical Sciences   Dr. Satyabrata Raj
email: dps.chair [AT]
In-Charge, Library   Dr. Anandamohan Ghosh
email: librarian [AT]