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Anti-ragging measures at IISER Kolkata

In accordance with the Supreme court order on ragging (2007), the Judgment of Supreme Court on ragging (2009) and the UGC regulations to curb the menace of ragging (2009) IISER Kolkata has taken the following actions to completely curb ragging in Institute premises:

  • Formation of Committees and Squads: Complying with the directives of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, the Institute has formed the following Anti-ragging committees and squads for overseeing the implementation of the provisions of the verdict with immediate effect:
    • Institute level Anti-ragging Committee:
      Dean of Students’ Affairs: Chairman
      Dean of Academic Affairs: Member
      2 Faculty members nominated by the Director: Members
      Assistant Registrar (academic): Member-Secretary
    • Institute level Anti-ragging Squads:
      Dean of Students: Chairman
      All Wardens: Members
      All Assistant Wardens: Members
      10-20 Faculty members drawn from different departments Members The Committee breaks into smaller squads of 3-4 members to make visits to various hostels at different times.
    • Hostel-level Anti-ragging Squads:
      Warden of the each Hostel: Convenor
      Assistant Warden of each Hostel: Member
      3-4 Student representatives from each hostel to be nominated by DoSA: Members

    The Institute level Anti-ragging Squads and Hostel level Anti-ragging Squads shall work in co-ordination with the Institute level Anti-ragging committee and oversee the implementation of the recommendations.
  • Institute level Anti-ragging hot-line: The mobile phone number of the Proctor and all the wardens in addition to the Security Desk Telephone numbers will act as the anti-ragging hot-line of the institute. Any complaint received on those lines would be immediately passed on to the appropriate authority for action.
  • Institute Level Anti-ragging Web-site: The website has a message-box. Any message posted would be seen by the Dean of Students’ Affairs. Further, emails can be sent to the Dean of Students and respective hostel wardens.
  • Message/Complaint Boxes: One Box each has been placed in all the hostels under the custody of the respective wardens. Any message/complaint in the boxes would be seen exclusively by the Dean of Students.
  • Counseling of Freshers & Seniors: A team comprising of the Dean of Students’ Affairs, Proctor and the Wardens would conduct an individual as well as joint sensitization programme for freshers and seniors regarding the ills of ragging and the necessity of its eradication. It is also mandatory to submit an undertaking by students and their parents [PDF].
  • It is imperative for all employees of the Institute (teaching, non-teachinq, outsourced service staff, watch & ward staff, maintenance staff and cleaning staff) to report promptly any case of ragging/misbehaviour that comes to his/her notice to any of the following: Deans, Registrar, Head of Departments, Wardens or any other available authority/faculty member.Undertaking from Students and Parents Each student of the Institute and his/her parents and / or Guardian are hereby required to submit a combined undertaking at the time of registration, in the prescribed format as attached to this order, which is mandatory for registration.

All concerned officials of the Institute, students, parents and guardians of the students, members of Anti-ragging committees & Anti-ragging squads are hereby requested to adhere to the stipulations and effectively monitor and comply with the provisions made in the directives. A list of important phone numbers are listed in the IntraNet of IISER Kolkata. All concerned are requested to lodge complain using Anti-ragging Web-site.