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Sumit Sen Santara

Assistant Professor
Dept: Biological Sciences (DBS)
E-mail: sumit.santara [at]

All Publications:

  1. Santara, Sumit Sen; Crespo, Angela C; Lee, Dian Jang; Hu, Jun Jacob; Zhang, Ying; Chowdhury, Sourav; Meza Sosa, Karla F; Rowe, Marjorie; Junqueira, Caroline and Lieberman, Judy. 2023."The NK receptor NKp46 recognizes ecto-calreticulin on ER-stressed cells." Nature, accepted, 00
  2. Murillo, Oscar; Moreira, Josimar Dornelas; Kujur, Weshely; Velasco Alzate, Karen; Santara, Sumit Sen; Konduru, Nagarjun V and Mulik, Sachin. 2022."Costimulatory CD226 Signaling Regulates Proliferation of Memory-like NK Cells in Healthy Individuals with Latent Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection." Int. J. Mol. Sci, 23, 00
  3. Santara, Sumit Sen; Crespo, Angela C; Mulik, Sachin; Ovies, Cristian; Boulenouar, Selma; Strominger, Jack L and Lieberman, Judy. 2021."Decidual NK cells kill Zika virus infected trophoblasts." Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 118, 2115410118
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  5. Crespo, Angela C; Mulik, Sachin; Dotiwala, Farokh; Ansara, James A; Santara, Sumit Sen; Tilburgs, Tamara; Strominger, Jack and Lieberman, Judy. 2020."Decidual NK cells kill intracellular bacteria but spare fetal trophoblast cells." Cell, 182, 1125-1139
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  15. Mukherjee, Supratim; Santara, Sumit Sen; Das, Shantanabha; Bose, Moumita; Roy, Jayasree and Adak, Subrata. 2012."NAD(P)H cytochrome b5 oxidoreductase deficiency in Leishmania major results in impaired linoleate synthesis followed by increased oxidative stress and cell death." J Biol Chem , 287, 34992