Arindam Mukherjee

Dept: Chemical Sciences (DCS)
E-mail: a.mukherjee [at]
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Research Interest:

The research group is interested in the investigation of structure activity properties of transition metal based co-ordination complexes using sterically hindered ligands and/or redox non-innocent planar ligands (viz. 9-hydroxyphenalenone derivatives). The ligation is also achieved with compounds which will themselves be standalone active for certain purposes (viz. ROS generation, increasing cellular uptake). Tuning the redox properties and activities of metal ions are performed with designed ligands without overlooking the possibilities of such ligands or their derivatives themselves to be potent against cancer. The ligands include nitrogen mustards, nitrosoureas, imidazopyridines. The ligands are made such that they provide selective reactivity under certain conditions, viz. more active in hypoxic conditions. The newest area which we ventured into recently is the anti-dyslipidemia agents. The students of AM perform the syntheses, characterization including single crystal XRD, ESI MS and NMR all by themselves. They are also good at the preliminary cytotoxicity screening on human cancer and primary cell lines and probe selectivity, if any.

Academic Background:

  1. Ph.D. in chemical sciences (magneto-structural corelation), Indian Institute of Science, 2005, Best thesis award by IISc


  1. Professor, IISER Kolkata ( - )
  2. Assistant Professor, IISER Kolkata (2009 - 2013)
  3. RDF Strategic fellow and investigator, University of Warwick (2008 - 2009)
  4. Marie Curie Fellow, University of Warwick (2007 - 2008)
  5. Marie Curie Fellow, University of Edinburgh (2006 - 2007)
  6. Research Fellow, University of Melbourne (2005 - 2006)

Awards and Honors:

  1. RDF strategic award from University of Wawick (2008)
  2. Marie Curie Fellowship from European Commission (2006)
  3. IRCSET Fellowship from Ireland Council of Science Engeneering and Technology (2006)
  4. Surendranath Bhattacharyya Medal from University of North Bengal (1999)

Selected Publications:

  1. Purkait, Kallol; Chatterjee, Saptarshi; Karmakar, Subhendu and Mukherjee, Arindam. 2016."lteration of steric hindrance modulates glutathione resistance and cytotoxicity of three structurally related RuII-p-cymene complexes ." Dalton Trans., 45, 8541-8555
  2. Karmakar, Subhendu; Chatterjee, Saptarshi; Purkait, Kallol and Mukherjee, Arindam. 2016."Anticancer activity of a chelating nitrogen mustard bearing tetrachloridoplatinum(IV) complex: better stability yet equipotent to the Pt(II) analogue ." Dalton Trans., 45, 11710-22
  3. Mukherjee, Arindam and Dey, Suman Kr.. 2016."Catechol Oxidase and Phenoxazinone Synthase: Biomimetic Functional Models and Mechanistic Studies." Coord. Chem. Rev., 310, 80-115
  4. Purkait, Kallol; Karmakar, Subhendu; Bhattacharyya, Sudipta; Chatterjee, Saprtarshi and Mukherjee*, Arindam. 2015."A hypoxia efficient imidazole-based Ru(II) arene anticancer agent resistant to deactivation by glutathione." Dalton Trans., 44, 5969-73
  5. Sarkar, Amrita; Karmakar, Subhendu; Bhattacharyya, Sudipta; Purkait, Kallol and Mukherjee*, Arindam. 2015."Nitric oxide release by N-(2-chloroethyl)-N-nitrosoureas: a rarely discussed mechanistic path towards their anticancer activity." RSC Advances, 5, 2137-46

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