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Mousumi Das

Associate Professor
Dept: Chemical Sciences (DCS)
E-mail: mousumi [at]

All Publications:

  1. Sao, Soumik; Naskar, Sumit; Mukhopadhyay, Narottam; Das, Mousumi and Chaudhuri, Debangshu. 2018."Assisted ?-Stacking: a Strong Synergy between Weak Interactions ." ChemComm , 54, 12186
  2. Das, Mousumi. 2018."Low-Lying Excited States in Thiophene-Based Cyclic Molecule Suitable for Optoelectronics: A Density Matrix Renormalization Group Study ." ACS Omega, 3, 12253
  3. Naskar, Sumit and Das, Mousumi. 2017."Singlet and Triplet Excited State Energy Ordering in Cyclopenta-fused Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (CP-PAHs) Suitable for Energy Harvesting: An Exact Nodel and TDDFT Study." ACS Omega, 2, 1795-1803
  4. Das, Mousumi. 2015."Computational Investigation on Tunable Optical Band Gap in Armchair Polyacenes." Journal of Chemical Physics, 143, 064704
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  6. Das, Mousumi. 2013."Linear and non-linear optical properties of heterocyclic aromatic polymers." Molecular Physics, 111, 3087
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  8. 2012."Electron Transfer Through Non-Hydrogen and Hydrogen Bonded Intermolecular Tunnel Junctions: A Computational Study." Journal of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, 11, 997-1004
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