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Soumyajit Roy

Dept: Chemical Sciences (DCS)
E-mail: s.roy [at]
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Research Interest:

We want to ask simple questions: How are inorganic crystals formed? Does time play a role in making of any catalyst? Can creation of matter be modelled in a chemical lab? In short, we pursue simple questions to glimpse and glance the grandeur of emergence of complexity. In course of such explorations at times we get lucky and we develop prototypical solutions to contemporary problems like that of waste to wealth conversion. Our pursuit of creating simple knowledge has thus at times rewarded us with valuable outputs, of which, inexpensive printable electronics, conversion of carbon-dioxide to ethanol, acetic acid and alike, water cleaning algorithmic chemical systems, are worth mentioning.

Academic Background:

  1. Dr.rer.nat. (Chemistry), University of Bielefeld, Germany. (University of Bielefeld, Germany), 2005, Summa cum laude


  1. Professor, IISER Kolkata (current)
  2. Associate Professor, IISER-Kolkata (2015 - 2020)
  3. Assistant Professor, IISER-Kolkata (2011 - 2015)
  4. Professor, Changshu Institute of Technology, China (2010 - 2010)
  5. Researcher, BASF-ISIS (2007 - 2009)
  6. Post-doctoral fellow, University of Utrecht (2005 - 2007)

Awards and Honors:

  1. Fellow of the West Bengal Academy of Science and Technology from WAST (2019)
  2. Fellow of the Indian Chemical Society from The Indian Chemical Society (2017)
  3. Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts from The RSA (2015)
  4. Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry from RSC (2015)
  5. Member American Association for the Advancement of Science from AAAS (2013)
  6. Member Westfaelia Lippe University Society, Germany from WLUG Germany (2006)
  7. Dissertationspreis from WLUG, Germany (2005)
  8. Best Speaker Award from GDCh, Germany (2003)

Selected Publications:

  1. Roy, Soumyajit. 2022."Time-Gel." Journal of the Indian Chemical Society, 99, 100431
  2. Roy, Soumyajit. 2022."On soft-oxometalates (SOMs) and crystallization of polyoxometalates (POMs) ." Journal of the Indian Chemical Society, 99, 100385
  3. Ghosh, Subhrokoli; Ranjan, Anand Dev; Das, Santu; Sen, Rakesh; Roy, Basudev; Roy, Soumyajit and Banerjee, Ayan. 2021."Directed Self-Assembly Driven Mesoscale Lithography Using Laser-Induced and Manipulated Microbubbles: Complex Architectures and Diverse Applications." Nanoletters, 21, 10
  4. De, Ratnadip; Gonglach,, Sabrina; Paul, Shounik; Haas, Michael; Sreejith, S. S.; Gerschel, Philipp; Apfel, Ulf P; Vuong, Thanh H; Rabeah, Jabor; Roy, Soumyajit and Schoefberger, Wolfgang. 2020."Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2 to Acetic Acid by a Molecular Manganese Corrole Complex." Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 59, 10527
  5. Paul, Shounik; Gonglach, Sabrina; Haas, Michael; Pillwein, Felix; Sreekumar, Sreejith S; Barman, Soumitra; De, Ratnadip; Muellegger, Stefan; Gerschel, Philipp; Apfel, Ulf P; Coskun, Halime; Aljabour, Abdalaziz; Stadler, Philip; Schoefberger, Wolfgang and Roy, Soumyajit. 2019."Molecular cobalt corrole complex for the heterogeneous electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide." Nature Communications, 10, 3864

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