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Sayan Bhattacharyya

Dept: Chemical Sciences (DCS)
E-mail: sayanb [at]
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Research Interest:

The Advanced Functional Materials Laboratory (AFML) led by Prof. Sayan Bhattacharyya focuses on an interdisciplinary research on functional nanomaterials. The current research interests are: (A) Photovoltaics: Nanocrystal-assisted Metal-halide Perovskite Solar Cells; (B) Electrocatalytic and Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation, N2 & CO2 Reduction; (C) Zinc-air Battery and Photorechargeable battery.

Academic Background:

  1. Ph. D. (Solid State Chemistry ), Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur), 2006
  2. M. Sc. (Physical Chemistry), Department of Chemistry (University of Kalyani), 1998
  3. B. Sc. (Honours) (Chemistry (H), Physics (P), Mathematics (P)), Maulana Azad College (University of Calcutta), 1996


  1. Professor, IISER Kolkata (current)
  2. Associate Professor, IISER Kolkata (2015 - 2019)
  3. Assistant Professor, IISER Kolkata (2010 - 2015)
  4. Postdoctoral Researcher, Drexel Nanotechnology Institute, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, USA (2008 - 2010)
  5. Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel (2006 - 2008)

Selected Publications:

  1. Ghosh, Dibyendu; Ali, Md. Yusuf; Ghosh, Anima; Mandal, Arnab and Bhattacharyya, Sayan. 2021."Heterovalent Substitution in Mixed Halide Perovskite Quantum Dots for Improved and Stable Photovoltaic Performance." J. Phys. Chem. C, 125, 5485-5493
  2. Parvin, Sahanaz; Hazra, Vishwadeepa; Francis, Anita Gemmy; Pati, Swapan K. and Bhattacharyya, Sayan. 2021."In Situ Cation Intercalation in the Interlayer of Tungsten Sulfide with Overlaying Layered Double Hydroxide in a 2D Heterostructure for Facile Electrochemical Redox Activity." Inorg. Chem., 1, 1
  3. Samanta, Debabrata; Saha, Pinku; Ghosh, Bishnupada; Chaudhary, Sonu Pratap; Bhattacharyya, Sayan; Chatterjee, Swastika and Mukherjee, Goutam Dev. 2021."Pressure-Induced Emergence of Visible Luminescence in Lead Free Halide Perovskite Cs3Bi2Br9: Effect of Structural Distortion." J. Phys. Chem. C, 125, 3432–3440
  4. Mandal, Arnab; Senanayak, Satyaprasad P.; Friend, Richard H. and Bhattacharyya, Sayan. 2021."Thickness-Attuned CsPbBr3 Nanosheets with Enhanced p-Type Field Effect Mobility." J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 12, 1560–1566
  5. Mondal, Surajit; Majee, Rahul; Islam, Quazi Arif and Bhattacharyya, Sayan. 2020."2D Heterojunction Between Double Perovskite Oxide Nanosheet and Layered Double Hydroxide to Promote Rechargeable Zinc?Air Battery Performance." ChemElectroChem, 7, 5005-5012

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