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Sanjay Kumar Mandal

Assistant Professor
Dept: Earth Sciences (DES)
E-mail: sanjaykm [at]

All Publications:

  1. Mandal, Sanjay Kumar; Scherler, Dirk; Romer, Rolf L.; Burg, Jean-Pierre; Guillong, Marcel and Schleicher, Anja M.. 2018."Multiproxy Isotopic and Geochemical Analysis of the Siwalik Sediments in NW India: Implication for the Late Cenozoic Tectonic Evolution of the Himalaya." Tectonics, 38, 1-24
  2. Mandal, Sanjay Kumar; Burg, Jean-Pierre and Haghipour, Negar. 2016."Geomorphic fluvial markers reveal transient landscape evolution in tectonically quiescent southern Peninsular India." Geological Journal, 52, 681–702
  3. Mandal, Sanjay Kumar; Fellin, Maria Giuditta; Burg, Jean-Pierre and Maden, Colin. 2015."Phanerozoic surface history of southern Peninsular India from apatite (U-Th-Sm)/He data." Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 16, 3626–3648
  4. Mandal, Sanjay Kumar; Lupker, Maarten; Burg, Jean-Pierre; Valla, Pierre G.; Haghipour, Negar and Christl, Marcus. 2015."Spatial variability of 10Be-derived erosion rates across the southern Peninsular Indian escarpment: A key to landscape evolution across passive margins." Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 425, 154-167