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Md. Ali Zinna

Associate Professor
Dept: Mathematics and Statistics (DMS)
E-mail: zinna [at]
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Research Interest:

Projective Modules and Complete Intersections

Academic Background:

  1. Ph.D (Mathematics), Indian Statistical Institute, 2014
  2. M.Math (Mathematics), Indian Statistical Institute, 2010


  1. Associate Professor, IISER Kolkata (current)
  2. Assistant Professor, IISER Kolkata (2018 - 2021)
  3. Assistant Professor, NISER Bhubaneswar (2017 - 2018)

Awards and Honors:

  1. Young Scientist Award from INSA (2020)
  2. Inspire Faculty Award from DST (2016)

Selected Publications:

  1. Das, Mrinal Kanti; Tikader, Soumi and Zinna, Md. Ali. 2020."P^ 1-gluing for local complete intersections." Mathematische Zeitschrift , 294, 667-685
  2. Zinna, Md. Ali. 2019."Cancellation of projective modules over polynomial extensions over a two-dimensional ring." Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra , 223, 783-793
  3. Das, Mrinal Kanti; Tikader, Soumi and Zinna, Md. Ali. 2018."Orbit spaces of unimodular rows over smooth real affine algebras." Inventiones Mathematicae, 212, 133-159
  4. Das, Mrinal Kanti and Zinna, Md. Ali. 2015.""Strong'' Euler class of a stably free module of odd rank." Journal of Algebra , 432, 185-204
  5. Das, Mrinal Kanti and Zinna, Md. Ali. 2014."The Euler class group of a polynomial algebra with coefficients in a line bundle." Mathematische Zeitschrift , 276, 757-783

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