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Kamaraju Natarajan

Associate Professor
Dept: Physical Sciences (DPS)
E-mail: nkamaraju [at]

All Publications:

  1. Mukherjee, Soumya; NM, Anjankumar; Karthikeyan, B and Kamaraju, N. 2023."Investigation of conductivity and shielding efficiency of the free-standing PVA–GO–Ag composite thin films in terahertz regime using time-domain terahertz spectroscopy." Applied Physics A, 129, 1-13
  2. NM, Anjan; Mukherjee, Soumya; Ramesh, Saranya; Mondal, Ayan; Mahalingam, Venkataramanan and Natarajan, Kamaraju. 2022."Photo Excited Ultrafast Dynamics of Free Carriers and Polarons in V2O5 Micro-Particles through Time-resolved Non-Degenerate Pump Probe Spectroscopy." J. Phys. Chem. C, 126, 20535
  3. NM, Anjankumar; Mukherjee, Soumya; Sunny, Anoop; Karthikeyan, B and Kamaraju, N. 2022."Investigation of self-trapped excitonic dynamics in hematite nanoforms through non-degenerate pump–probe transmission spectroscopy." Applied Physics Letters, 121, 202102
  4. Mukherjee, Soumya; Anjan Kumar, N. M; Upadhya, Prashanth and Kamaraju, N.. 2021."A review on numerical methods for thickness determination in terahertz time-domain spectroscopy." Eur. Phys. J. Spec. Top, 230, 107-120
  5. Sarkar, Jit; Menon, Shankar G; Prasad, Neena; Karthikeyan, B and Kamaraju, N.. 2019."Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics of Undoped and Ho3+ Doped ?-Bismuth Oxide Micro-Rods." J. Phys. Chem. C, 123, 10007
  6. Sarkar, Jit; Menon, Shankar G; Madhumitha, C; Karthikeyan, B and Kamaraju, N.. 2018."Ultrafast electron hole plasma dynamics in chemically pristine and Ag-doped ZnO nanorods." Journal of Applied Physics, 124, 243103
  7. Dutta, Moumita; Kamaraju, N.; Betal, Soutik; Prasankumar, Rohit P; Bhalla, Amar S and Guo, Ruyan. 2017."Magnetoelastoelectric coupling in core–shell nanoparticles enabling directional and mode-selective magnetic control of THz beam propagation." Nanoscale, 9, 13052
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