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Siddhartha Lal

Associate Professor
Dept: Physical Sciences (DPS)
E-mail: slal [at]
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Research Interest:

I am a condensed matter theorist. My research involves understanding the physics of strongly interacting quantum matter, with topics ranging from strongly-correlated electronic systems, quantum magnetism, topological phases of matter, non-Fermi liquids, unconventional superconductivity, many-particle entanglement, low-dimensional systems and quantum transport. One of my primary goals is to understand the fascinating and complex phenomenology displayed by many materials studied in the laboratory. I approach the problem by studying paradigmatic model Hamiltonians that are known to capture effectively the physics at the heart of many well-known quantum materials. An excellent example involves studying the two-dimensional Hubbard model on the square lattice to understand the enduring puzzle of high-temperature superconductivity displayed by the Cuprate family of materials. Such problems are hard as inter-particle interactions are of the same order as the kinetic energies, often causing perturbative approaches to fail. For dealing with such problems, I have developed a non-perturbative framework based on the renormalisation group. This is yielded a host of fresh insights and results on several challenging problems. Please consult my personal website (link given above) for further details.

Academic Background:

  1. Ph.D (Physics), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 2003
  2. M.S. (Physics), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 1998
  3. B.Sc. (Hons.) (Physics), Asutosh College (University of Calcutta), 1995


  1. Associate Professor, IISER Kolkata (current)
  2. Assistant Professor, IISER Kolkata (2010 - 2019)
  3. Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Physics and Inst. for Cond. Matt. Theory, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2008 - 2010)
  4. Postdoctoral Fellow, Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste (2006 - 2008)
  5. Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Cologne (2002 - 2006)

Awards and Honors:

  1. Ramanujan Fellowship from Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India (2010)

Selected Publications:

  1. Mukherjee, Abhirup; Vidhyadhiraja, N S; Taraphder, Arghya and Lal, Siddhartha. 2023."Kondo frustration via charge fluctuations: a route to Mott localisation." New Journal of Physics, 25, 113011
  2. Patra, Siddhartha; Mukherjee, Anirban and Lal, Siddhartha. 2023."Universal entanglement signatures of quantum liquids as a guide to fermionic criticality." New Journal of Physics, 25 , 063002
  3. Patra, Siddhartha; Mukherjee, Abhirup; Mukherjee, Anirban; Vidhyadhiraja, N. S.; Taraphder, A. and Lal, Siddhartha. 2023."Frustration shapes multi-channel Kondo physics: a star graph perspective." Journal of Physics: Condens. Matter, 35, 315601
  4. Patra, Siddhartha; Basu, Somnath and Lal, Siddhartha. 2022."Unveiling topological order through multipartite entanglement." Physical Review A, 105 , 052428
  5. Mukherjee, Anirban and Lal, Siddhartha. 2022."Superconductivity from repulsion in the doped 2D electronic Hubbard model: an entanglement perspective." J. Phys.: Condens. Matter, 34, 275601

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