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152002B01 : Polyoxometalates in materials science, technology and medicine 
Foreign Faculty:  Prof. Dr. Craig L. Hill,
Host Faculty:
Dr. Soumyajit Roy
Start from: 8 May– 17 May 2017

Course Schedule

Registration Deadline: 15 April 2017


152002M01 : Studies at high pressures by optical

Foreign Faculty:  Prof. Isaac F. Silvera, Department of Physics, Harvard University, United States of America
Host Faculty:
Dr. Goutam Dev Mukherjee
Start from: 6 – 15 June 2017

Registration Deadline: 28 April 2017

3 152002C02 : A short course on: Ocean acidification and implications for global marine ecosystems(EES)
Foreign Faculty:  Prof. Richard Bellerby
Host Faculty: Dr. Punyasloke Bhadury
Start from: 02- 06th April, 2017

152002C03 : A short course on: Active Continental Tectonics(EES)
Foreign Faculty:  Prof. James A. Jackson, FRS
Host Faculty: Prof. Supriyo Mitra
Start from: 06-19th Nov, 2016

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162002M01 : Short Course On: Superoscillations and Weak Measurement(PSC)
Foreign Faculty:  Prof. Sir Michael Berry
Host Faculty: Prof. Prasanta K Panigrahi
Start from: 05-12th Dec, 2016

Course Schedule