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  • A Triazine Functionalized Porous Covalent Organic Framework for Photo-organocatalytic E-Z Isomerization of Olefins.


Bhadra, Mohitosh; Kandambeth, Sharath;K. Sahoo, Manoj;Addicoat, Matthew;Balaraman, Ekambaram and Banerjee, Rahul. 2019. “A Triazine Functionalized Porous Covalent Organic Framework for Photo-organocatalytic E-Z Isomerization of Olefins.” J. Am. Chem. Soc.141, 6152-6156



CM Reddy's group from DCS, shows metal-like ductility in aminoborane based organic single crystals, in which the molecules rotate in solid-state. Such mechanically castable plastic crystals are appealing for applications such as ferroelectrics and soft robotics.


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A proline deletion in the spike glycoprotein of fusion peptide of murine Beta- Coronavirus (m-CoV), strongly alters viral induced cell-to-cell fusion and consecutive neuropathogenesis and neurodegeneration.


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Research work from the laboratory of Dibyendu Das recently showed a simple chemical fuel driven system that achieves out-of-equilibrium state by dissipating energy. This mimics the remarkable non-equilibrium structures such as microtubules seen in natural systems.



Recent study of earthquake wave propagation and its decay across eastern India, Himalaya and southern Tibet, reveal (a) strong frequency dependence and (b) lateral variations dependent on the heterogeneity in the underlying crustal structure.


  • New Mechanism of Arsenic-Induced Toxicity

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Chronic exposure to toxic arsenic from ground water is a major health problem in the world, and particularly affects the communities around IISER Kolkata. Researchers from the laboratory of Prof. Jayasri Das Sarma has recently shown (Hussain A. et al., (2018) BBA – Molecular Cell Research, 1865, 1423-1426) that arsenic interacts with the gap junction protein Connexin 43 (Cx43) in cells and disrupts cell-cell communication, leading to cell death. This demonstrates a new mechanism of arsenic-induced toxicity.


  • Earthquake Hazard in Eastern India


Seismological study reveals that the N20°E motion of the Indian Plate is accommodated across NE India, rather than being confined only to the plate boundaries. This is due to lateral variation in subsurface structure and reactivation of paleo-continent margin faults. Highlights the seismic hazard in eastern India from future major earthquakes.


  • Removal of Arsenic from Water


Dr. Raja Shunmugam of DCS, IISER Kolkata along with ADO Additives MFG PVT. LTD. has developed a complete solution regarding detection and removal of Arsenic from water and subsequent disposal of Arsenic Contaminated remover.


  • The First-order Mott Transition in V2O3 has Traits of Second Order Transitions

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This work shows that the strongly hysteretic first-order phase transition in V2O3, and possibly other similar materials with long-ranged interactions, can have features usually associated with second-order transitions. One such evidence is presented in the above figure. The latent heat peaks [in (a)] and the sample resistance [in (b)] are measured as a function of temperature for different temperature scanning rates. In (c), the measured shift in the transition temperature with the temperature scanning rate is seen to be a power-law with the scaling exponent approximately having the value predicted by the mean field theory (2/3). Such scale-invariant behavior implied by the power-law relationship is not expected in first-order transitions but is rather the hallmark of continuous second-order transitions.


  • The Tricks of Thieving Ants


Scientists at Kolkata’s Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) noticed the behaviour in Indian queenless ants in 2016, they investigated it further


  • Striking Gold in Cosmic Fireworks


Information for the Media and Public: Link - Writeup for homepage: An artistic rendition of the Neutron star merger discovery announced on 16 October 2017. The image shows two Neutron stars about to merge.